FAQ New Residents

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1. Where is the closest hardware store?

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  • Fusek’s True Value Hardware – 350 E. New York St.
  • Ace Hardware – 3833 N. Illinois St.
  • American Hardware & Supply – 1018 Virginia Ave.
  • Sullivan Hardware – 4838 N. Pennsylvania St.
  • North Meridian Hardware – 1433 N. Meridian

2. How does trash collection work?

  • Brand new pills mgf peptide. Have time to try first! Each residence has a 96-gallon trash container issued by the city. The container should be marked in some way with your address or name. They are emptied once a week on a Friday. The container needs to be out by 7:00a.m. on Friday. All trash must be placed inside the container.If your container is missing or stolen, report it to the police by calling 327-3811. They will issue an “incident number”, and then call 327-4MAC and you will be issued a replacement. Also, if you record the serial number marked on your trash container, this will speed up the replacement process.Each household can have up to two of the 96-gallon containers. The first one is provided by the city. You can obtain a second one for $45 by calling 327-4MAC.
  • Heavy Trash Pickup. According to the City, heavy trash is picked up once a month, on the forth Thursday. “Heavy trash includes household furnishings, appliances, and bicycles. Swingsets are OK, but please disassemble them first. You also can include tires with rims. Refrigerators, air conditioners, and other items containing freon require special handling. Please call 327-4MAC for more information.”
  • Hazardous waste, such as automotive products and fluids, car and household batteries, cleaners and polishers, paints and solvents, swimming pool and other chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, may be dropped off at the Tox Drop site location on the south side: Perry Township Government Center, 4925 Shelby St., on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays (except December 27), 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Call 327-4TOX to learn how to safely dispose of hazardous waste that is not included in this list or to see if an item will be accepted.
  • Recycling – For information on recycling, see the city website by clicking here.  Curbside recycling is offered at $6.00 a month through Republic Waste Services.  There are also locations for Drop-Off Recycling.
  • Illegal dumping can be reported to the police by calling 327-3811.

For even more about trash, check the city’s web site by clicking here..

3. Where is the Post Office? And other delivery services?

  • US Post Office: Main Office, 125 W. South St.
    Circle City branch, 456 N. Meridian St.
  • Fed Ex: located on the Circle, 800-463-3339
  • UPS: located on 16th St, just west of Martin Luther King Dr., 800-742-5877

4. Where is the closest pharmacy?

  • CVS – 1535 N Meridian St.
  • Walgreens – 1530 N Meridian St.
  • StatScript Pharmacy, 342 Massachusetts Ave.
  • Marsh Super Market in-store pharmacy, 320 N. New Jersey St.

5. What Grocery Stores serve downtown residents?

  • Kroger, 524 E. 16th St.
  • Marsh Super Market, 320 N. New Jersey St.

6. Dry Cleaners

  • Curley’s Cleaners Drop Shop, 241 E. 11th St.
  • Tuchman Cleaners in Lockerbie Marketplace, 304 E. New York St.

7. Veterinarian

  • Downtown Veterinarian, 542 E. 11th St.

8. Hospitals. Indianapolis is fortunate to have outstanding medical practitioners and services. The downtown resident has several excellent choices:

  • IU Health – Methodist Hospital, I-65 & 21st St.
    Physician Referral/Clarion On Call – 916-3525
  • IU Hospital, 550 University Blvd., 274-5000
    Physician Referral/Clarion On Call – 916-3525
  • Eskenazi Hospital, 720 Eskenazi Ave., 639-6671
    Physician Referral – 655-2255

Other emergency care and specialized treatment centers are located throughout the metro area.

9. Public Library Link

10. How can I find out about childcare options?

11. Where do I vote?

12. Mayor’s Action Line: -317-327-4622

13. Police Non-Emergency Number: 317-327-3811

14.  Parking in Ransom Place – Ransom Place Neighborhood has permit parking only.  This means that any vehicle that park within its boundaries needs to have a City of Indianapolis permit parking pass placed on the driver side dash.  Otherwise, the car is subject to a parking ticket.  Permits have to be renewed at the beginning of each new year.  The City of Indianapolis Code Enforcement Office is responsible for issuing permits.  They are locate at 1200 Madison Avenue, general office phone is (317) 327-8700.  Here is a link.  You can download a form from this link:  http://www.indy.gov/eGov/City/DCE/Permits/Pages/residential.aspx

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